PCSUITE DEFRAG is a esy to use tool that alow users to speeds up their PC
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PCSUITE DEFRAG is a program that will defragment your hard drives. Each time you delete a file, the clusters it previously occupied become available. Each time you save a file, the system uses those clusters. As the files have different sizes, most of the time the system will save them split in several parts, in several areas of the disk. As the disk will have to travel through the disk to read the files, this process will slow down your system. PCSUITE DEFRAG analyzes the fragmentation of your hard disk and then relocates the fragmented files in adjacent clusters, speeding up the reading process. This way, you will improve the whole performance of your system.

The program allows you to defrag all your disks, or just a folder or file. You can perform background defragmentations, or schedule them to be done when you are not using the computer, telling the program to shut down the system once the defrag is finished.

You will be able to use the trial version of this program free for ninety days.

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